Scholarships and Subsidy Scheme

  • Hui Yeung Shing Memorial Foundation (許讓成紀念基金)        

  • Leung Ho Tong Memorial Fund (梁浩堂紀念基金)

  • Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students ( FASP)


  • School Fee Remission Scheme (學費減免計劃)

  • Scholarships and Subsidy Scheme (獎、助學金計劃)


Hui Yeung Shing Memorial Foundation

Hui Yeung Shing Memorial Foundation was established to commemorate the deceased distinguished person Mr. Hui Yeung Shing. Mr. Hui served the post of the president of the Confucius Hall Committee in the sixties. Mr. Hui had devoted his time to the expansion of the campus of Confucius Hall Secondary School and Confucius Hall Primary School, which have nurtured many outstanding alumni over the past decades. Mr. Hui’s efforts and contribution to the schools and society are tremendous.
Following in his father’s footsteps, Mr. Hui Yiu Kwan took the duty of promoting Confucianism by joining Confucius Hall in 1996. He established a new management committee for Confucius Hall. Mr. Hui and his family members were generous enough to donate more than one million Hong Kong dollars to repair and renovate Confucius Hall and install an air conditioning system. He also restored and digitized the historic documents which were severely damaged. Starting from the beginning of 21st century, he offered Confucius classes and Chinese painting classes free of charge to the general public. More than one hundred students enrolled to study the courses every year. This allowed Confucius Hall to occupy an important position in the history of Hong Kong culture. To further improve students’ English proficiency, Mr. Hui had invited numerous native English teachers to teach English in Confucius Hall Secondary School. Subsidies were also provided to encourage students to go for exchange programmes in Canada. This kind of multi-cultural learning activity allowed students to improve their English foundation dramatically.
Mr. Hui dedicated his time and efforts to providing a high quality education to society. He donated 5 million Hong Kong dollars to Confucius Hall Secondary school for daily operations in 2015. In the following year, Hui Yeung Sing Memorial Foundation donated 1 million Hong Kong dollars to Confucius Hall Secondary school to establish a variety of high quality learning activities which aim to improve the academic performance of the students. To meet this target, several policies have been adopted:
1) The school will recruit one more teaching assistant who is responsible for creating students’ individual learning profiles for the purpose of evaluating students’ learning progress. The teaching assistant will help students improve their academic foundation.
2) The school will open French and Spanish class for Junior Form students. It is hoped that students can learn more foreign languages so that they can have a competitive edge in their future academic pursuits and job hunting.
3) The school will increase the quality of extra-curricular activities, acquire more equipment and recruit more coaches.
4) The school will strengthen its co-operation with families. It is planned that there will be at least one teacher-parent meeting in every school term.
Hui Yeung Shing Memorial Foundation and Mr. Hui’s family have been fully supporting Confucius Hall’s cultural and educational development over the past decades. Their contribution to Confucius Hall is tremendous and many students have benefited from their generosity.



Leung Ho Tong Memorial Fund


Leung Ho Tong Memorial Fund was established by Dr Yeung Wing Hon, the Principal, which is named after his father-in-law. The fund offers financial assistance to needy students participating learning activities and cross-broader exchange programmes. The limit of grant is $10,000 for each application. “The committee” reserves the right to approve or disapprove any application. The fund can also be used on student scholarships, professional development and/or school promotion programmes. The application is available throughout the year.


Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP)

The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to needy students so that no eligible students will be denied access to post-secondary education because of lack of means.
FASP Introduction (Chinese Only ):[ Download ]
FASP Application Form (Chinese Only ):[  Download ]



School Fee Remission 

  • Our school devised a Fee Remission Scheme to offer full or partial fee remission to needy students.[Link]


Schoolarships  & Subsidy Scheme

  •  Students who rank in the top three of each Form will have their annual tuition fee waived.[Link]
  • Maximum amount $500 – travel subsidy and annual tuition fee grant is provided to students with financial burden monthly.[Link]