Registration and autopay of tuition fees by old students (2023-2024)

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2023-2024 Second Term Examination Scope

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International Exchange Program

Visit By Odsherreds Efterskole of Danmark
Osaka Kansai Heritage Culture Tour
Beijing Exchange Program
Nanjing Exchange Program
Cambodia Educational Exchange Activities
Visit By Santa Sabina College of Australia
Manchester United Football School headcoach Chris O'Brien

About Us

The very establishment of our School originated from the unswerving belief of the values of Confucianism, which has outshined most of her counterparts in the Chinese soil for more than twenty some centuries.

Our school has been established for more than three score years. In this ever-changing archipelago, we have been standing courageously through all those tumultuous years as the standard bearer of the Confucius thoughts, which is evidently the well-earned harvest of many a learned conference, of many a patient lecture, and many a midnight lucubration. Though the time-honoured philosophy is dismally no longer the ruling passion of our beloved nation, beyond any doubt, it is still the most distinct and cherished patrimony we inherited from our forefathers, under revaluation the most treasurable guidelines to living harmoniously and successfully in these bewildering and unfathomable years.