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Chinese Language

Adhering to the traditions of Confucius Hall Secondary School (CHSS), our department persist in propagating Confucianism through different school activities such as speech, presentation, general knowledge contest and reciting Chinese classical prose. This aims to help students to experience the conception and aspiration of ancient Chinese philosophers, while at the same time reinforce their understanding towards Confucianism and Chinese culture. Apart from this, we focus on developing students’ language capability on reading, writing, listening and speaking so as to raise their comfort on language application, aesthetics, investigation, creativity and self-learning. Through studying...

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Department of English

As a Confucian school in the world city of Hong Kong, CHSS bridges the past and the future. The Department of English at CHSS helps our students cross that bridge by teaching the language and communication skills to succeed in any life path and interact with people all over the globe. The Department of English provides varied learning opportunities for our students inside and outside of the classroom. Our five dedicated teachers lead classes of differing abilities, allowing students to build their English foundation or refine their fluency for university or the workforce. We also employ native-English speaking guest teachers to offer individual tutorials and extracurricular events,...

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Department of Mathematics

1. Developing students’ ability in applying numbers, signs and other mathematical elements.2. Building up students’ sense in numbering, geometric spacing, measuring and ordering.3. Enhancing students’ ability in construction, investigation, logical deduction and communication through studying mathematics.4. Helping student to analyze matters from the aspect of mathematics so as to build up their ability in solving daily problems by utilizing mathematical knowledge.5. onstructing a positive attitude on learning mathematics, as well as appreciating the beauty of it.

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Department of Liberal Study

Active liberal study with flexible learninghrough combination of Civic and Moral Education, Life Education and Positive Psychology, as well as the focus on the relationship between knowledge and daily life, the liberal study program offered by our school tries to provide a platform to provoke them to question on different topics. Our teachers exploit the teaching strategies of “cooperative study” and “successful education” and follow the following core values:1. Starting from base but with high standard2. Moving with small steps but with a quick rhythm3. Preparing different kinds of activity for stimulation on mindset4. Providing rapid feedback with speedy...

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