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History and Vision

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The very establishment of our School originated from the unswerving belief of the values of Confucianism, which has outshined most of her counterparts in the Chinese soil for more than twenty some centuries.

Our school has been established for more than three score years. In this ever-changing archipelago, we have been standing courageously through all those tumultuous years as the standard bearer of the Confucius thoughts, which is evidently the well-earned harvest of many a learned conference, of many a patient lecture, and many a midnight lucubration. Though the time-honoured philosophy is dismally no longer the ruling passion of our beloved nation, beyond any doubt, it is still the most distinct and cherished patrimony we inherited from our forefathers, under revaluation the most treasurable guidelines to living harmoniously and successfully in these bewildering and unfathomable years.

In Hong Kong, its exulted residents have been enjoying evidently their most prosperous time ever since the end of the Japanese Occupation. The majestic skyscrapers and splendorous towers along the Victoria Harbour’s waterfront, besides its glamorous nighttime view, witness forcibly the gallant success of the most renowned financial center in the Pacific Rim. Produce of the world came to Hong Kong tables, the riches of the world lined Hong Kong’s pockets. Disguised by such unprecedented triumphant accounts, it is scarcely possible for anyone to discover in the public felicity the latent causes of decay and corruption. The gleaming prosperity introduces slowly and secretly poison to the vitals of the city, in which keen pursuit of ostentation and superfluities turns everyone into haughty menials of vanity and opulence, whilst plights of the homeless and paupers hardly ever be a hot topic in the highest circle. Such obsession of self-aggrandizement is precisely the long shadow of our spiritual vacuum. It has always been our unflinching belief that the enduring but glittering Confucianism is the only elixir to fill this dreadful vacuity and cure the city.


It is incumbent on us diligently to rekindle the Confucius torches to shine through the dark world in these degenerating years. Actuated by these noble motives, we have been pouring enthusiastically all we have in these decades to nourish our students their civil hearts and unfurl their talents. Knowing too well that the grandiose edifice of Confucianism rests solely but splendidly on its eight magnificent columns – Filial piety, Fraternity, Loyalty, Earnestness, Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity and Shame – which stood together superbly and sturdily on the vast and unshakable foundation of Benevolence, we have taken these good virtues as our school mottoes, by which we hope to be reminded always to where this golden compass navigates us. It is always our utmost belief that successful education should have two legs to stand on: one leg is imparting with efficacy our students the necessary academic knowledge; the other one should be the careful cultivation of their inner personalities. And to both legs we have offered unreservedly our best training.


“Intellect without morality is, so to speak, a tiger with a sword.” Doubtlessly, Marden’s insightful observation still resounds in our days. According to the Confucius teaching, in our hearts accommodate the most gleaming quality of benevolence, through which we are conscious of acting in full compliance with those required by good virtues like fraternity, earnestness or so forth. That illustrates clearly the salience of Benevolence in Confucianism. Only by studious learning of this golden creed and careful nourishment of good character could students realize the way they should get along with other members of our society and lead their decent and fruitful lives. Otherwise, the mere acquisition of knowledge may produce no fruit but stems only evils.

Let no one be a laggard or a doubter! It is our sincere hope that through the teachings of sages and our unflinching effort and faith, we could walk abreast with our students and witness in forthcoming years their growth in virtues, knowledge and living. Live up to our promises of recasting the little kids into the grand sinews of our society in future certainly is the greatest dream we cherished. May the dream and the blessings be with you too!

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School Motto
「Xiao Di Zhong Xin, Li Yi Lian Chi」
“Xiao” - Filial piety
“Di” - Brotherly Love
“Zhong” - Loyalty
“Xin” - Integrity
“Li” - Propriety
“Yi” - Righteousness
“Lian” - Honesty and Cleanness
“Chi” – Shame
Bortherly Love (Di), Loyalty (Zhong), Integrity (Xin), Propriety (Li), Righteousness (Yi), Cleanness (Lian), Shame (Chi)

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