About Us

Department of English

As a Confucian school in the world city of Hong Kong, CHSS bridges the past and the future. The Department of English at CHSS helps our students cross that bridge by teaching the language and communication skills to succeed in any life path and interact with people all over the globe.

The Department of English provides varied learning opportunities for our students inside and outside of the classroom. Our five dedicated teachers lead classes of differing abilities, allowing students to build their English foundation or refine their fluency for university or the workforce. We also employ native-English speaking guest teachers to offer individual tutorials and extracurricular events, enhancing students’ language confidence and cultural awareness.

Finally, the Department of English is at the center of our school’s own transition from past to future as we institute the English Medium of Instruction (EMI) programme, currently in place for Forms One and Two. With our colleagues from other departments, we are creating a multilingual learning environment for a diverse body of students. In this way, CHSS gives our students an edge in a multicultural world, and a memorable school experience to boot.