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Staff List

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Mr. Wan Wai Lun

School Supervisor


Prof. Lau Chi Pang

Independent Manager


Prof. Kwok Siu Tong

Sponsoring Body Manager


Mr. Fok Kenny Tsz Chun

Sponsoring Body Manager


Mr. Lai Ming

Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Lee Kam Chung
Sponsoring Body Manager

Ms. Wang Jiahui

Alumni Manager

Prof. Lai Tsz Pang

Parent Manager


Alternate Parent Manager

Mr.Cheung Koon Wan

Sponsoring Body Manager

Dr. Yeung Wing Hon

IMC Manager,
School Policy Committee Chairperson


Ms. Mok Yuk Ling

Vice Principal
Head of Student Advancement Support,
School Affairs and Administration Officer,
Student Affairs Officer
Personal, Social & Humanities Education Officer,
Liberal Studies Panel Head


Mr. Ho Pak Yan

Head of Academic Affairs,
School Based Management Officer,
English Language Education Officer,
Mathematics Education Officer,
Mathematics Panel Head


Mr. Chan Shu Chun

Discipline&Guidance Officer,
Geography Panel Head

Mr. Cheung Chak Fung



Mr. Chan Chor Yu

Arts Education officer,

Visual Arts Panel Head


Mr. Chan Hing Shing Stephen

Careers Guidance Officer,

Mr. Chow Shung Kwan

School Associate Administration Officer
6A Class Teacher

Mr. Kam Ka Chun

Science Education Officer,
Biology Panel Head,
 I.S., panel Head,
STEM Education Team Coordinator


Mr. Lam Kwok Kwong

Confucianism and Citizenship Education Officer,
Chinese Language Education Officer,
Chinese Panel Head,
Reading Promotion Team Coordinator


Mr. Chen Ting Tser

Music Panel Head


Mr. Li Chung Yung

Economics panel Head

1B Class Teacher


Ms. Lin Rongping

3B Class Teacher


Mr. Ling Kin Fun

ATec Coordinator,
Physical Education Officer,
Physical Education Panel Head


Ms. Lo Tsz Ching

2A Class Teacher


Ms. Lui Mei Tak

History Panel Head

3A Class Teacher


Dr. Mok Tim Ming

Physics Panel Head

Mr.Sze Nin Fung

4B Class Teacher

Ms. Tang Sin Hei

6B Class Teacher


Ms. Tse Wai Yin

Examination & Quality Assurance Officer

5A Class Teacher


Mr. Wong Cheuk Kuen

Chemistry Panel Head

Mr. Wong Ka Chun

2B Class Teacher

Mr.Wong Kurtis Bok Yin

1A Class Teacher

Mr. Wu Pat Lun Felix

Teacher Manager, Extra-curricular Activities & Multi-Cultural Officer


Ms. Yip Hoi Yi

PTA Coordinator, Chinese
History Panel Head,
4A Class Teacher


Mr. Yu Kong Ho

5B Class Teacher

Mr. Wong Kwok Wai

Technology Education Officer,
Information & Communication Technology Panel Head

Ms.Tse Pui Man