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Staff List




Mr. Tsui Ping Kwong

IMC Manager,
School Supervisor

Mr. Lee Kam Chung

IMC Manager,
Vice School Supervisor

Dr. Benjamin Chan Wai-kai

IMC Manager

Ms. Hou Ming Lam

IMC Manager

Mr. Kwok Siu Tong

IMC Manager

Mr. Lam Seung Wan

IMC Manager

Mr. Tai Kwok Hon

IMC Manager

Dr. Yeung Wing Hon

IMC Manager,
School Policy Committee Chairperson,
Management Team (Convener)

Mr. Chow Wing Yiu

Vice Principal (Academic and School Affairs),
Department Head of Academic and School Affairs,
School Affairs Officer,
Examination Officer,
Guidance Officer

Mr. Chan Shu Chun

Department Head of Student Support and School Ethos,
Discipline Officer,
M.C. ,
Geography Panel Chairperson

Ms. Mok Yuk Ling

IMC Manager,
Department Head of Student Affairs Management,
Student Affairs Officer,
Speech Day Coordinator,
Liberal Studies Panel Chairperson,
Humanities Panel Coordinator

Mr. Ho Pak Yan

IMC Manager,
Department Head of Management and Organization,
Academic Affairs Officer,
School Development Officer,
Mathematics Panel Chairperson

Ms. Chan Yuk Kwan

Confucianism and Citizenship Education Officer,
Chinese Secretary,
Chinese Panel Chairperson

Mr. Law Kin Yu

Science Panel Coordinator,
Chemistry Panel Chairperson

Ms. Chung Ka Ling

Physics Panel Chairperson

Ms. Fung Lai Yin

2A Class Mistress

Mr. Ko Chin Cheong

History Panel Chairperson,
2B Class Master

Mr. Kwak Ho Kwan

3A Class Master

Mr. La Quinson

3B Class Master

Mr. Lai Kin Man

Extra-curricular Activities & Multi-Cultural Officer ,
Chinese History Panel Chairperson,
5B Class Master

Ms. Lau So Yee

Music Pane Chairperson

Ms. Law Pui Sze

Careers Guidance Mistress,
Economics Panel Chairperson,
APL Coordinator,
6A Class Mistress

Ms. Lee Hang Kuen

Visual Arts Panel Chairperson,
4B Class Mistress

Mr. Ling Kin Fun

ATec Coordinator,
Physical Education Panel Chairperson

Mr. Liu Chun Lam

1B Class Master

Mr. Ng Kwok Wing

Ms. Poon Wing Ki
6B Class Mistress

Ms. Tsang Kar Man

English Secretary,
English Panel Chairperson

Mr. Wan Chi Pang

Information Technology Officer,
Parent-Teacher Association Coordinator ,
Information & Communication Technology Panel Chairperson,
4A Class Master

Mr. Wong Hau Ming

SBM Officer

Mr. Wong Wai Hung

Biology Panel Chairperson,
I.S. Panel Chairperson

Mr. Mc Laughlin, Wesley Orin

5A Class Master

Ms. Kaur Mandeep, Mandy


Mr. Chan Hing Shing Stephen


Mr. Tsang Chi Long


Mr. Wong Kak Yeung Alex


Ms. Yip Hoi Yi